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Make test purchase

The testing stage allows you to analyze whether the integration was done correctly and whether payments are being processed without errors, preventing errors from appearing when making the checkout available to end buyers.

To make a t purchase, you must use the test credentials of your production user. To obtain them, go to Dashboard > Your Application > Test Credentials and copy the available information.

With the credentials in hand, follow the steps below to make the test purchase.

  1. Start the integration configured with the Test credentials.
  2. Enter any email as a paying user (remembering that it must be different from the email you use on Mercado Pago).
  3. Enter data from one of our test cards.
  4. Confirm the purchase.

Done! Once these steps are finished, the integration will be complete and you will be able to use your production credentials to use the Checkout Bricks.

Do not use test user email into the Brick email field (if applicable).