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Mercado Pago Gateway: Reconciliation

Commercial contact required

This product is only available through prior contact with one of our executives.

You will find information below on how to reconcile your operations in Mercado Pago Gateway with the information of acquirers or issuers.

Using a partner

The easiest way is working with one of our partners:

Country Partner
Argentina Increase

We are working on adding more partners soon

Using your own development or system

If you want to reconcile with a custom development or system you have two options:

API reconciliation

By making a GET call to the /payments endpoint you can obtain the list of all your transactions:


curl -X GET \
"" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
-d "{
  'status': 'approved'

Each transaction (payment) will have the reconciliation information in the acquirer_reconciliation node:


  "id": "",
  "acquirer_reconciliation": [
      "authorization_code": "646382",
      "batch_closing_date": "2019-06-10T17:00:00.000-04:00",
      "batch_number": "017",
      "date_created": "2019-06-10T10:49:47.000-04:00",
      "date_last_updated": "2019-06-10T10:49:53.000-04:00",
      "operation": "authorization",
      "operation_status": "approved",
      "refund_id": null,
      "terminal_number": "98809468",
      "transaction_number": "0036"
      "authorization_code": "646382",
      "batch_closing_date": "2019-06-10T17:00:00.000-04:00",
      "batch_number": "017",
      "date_created": "2019-06-10T10:49:48.000-04:00",
      "date_last_updated": "2019-06-10T10:49:53.000-04:00",
      "operation": "capture",
      "operation_status": "approved",
      "refund_id": null,
      "terminal_number": "98809468",
      "transaction_number": "0037"


Attribute Description
authorization_code Authorization code
batch_closing_date Batch closing date
batch_number Batch number
date_created Creating date
date_last_updated Last updated date
operation Operation type
operation_status Operation status
refund_id Refund ID
terminal_number Terminal number
transaction_number Transaction number / Coupon number

Is very important to mention that the information provided in the acquirer_reconciliation object may vary according to different use cases and depending on the acquirer.

Operation types

The possible operation values are:

  • authorization: authorization
  • capture: capture
  • online_purchase: direct purchase
  • refund_online_purchase: refund of a direct purchase
  • refund_capture: refund of captured payment
  • refund_authorization: refund of an authorization (cancelation)

Operation statuses

The possible operation_status values are:

  • approved
  • rejected
  • in_process

File reconciliation

In Mercado Pago's backoffice visit the Operaciones Gateway section:


By pressing on the Exportar link you will see the following:


Choose your preferred format and the file will be generated

If the file is too big you will receive it a few minutes later via e-mail (the one registered in your account)

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