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Payments with QR codes without integration

On your Mercado Pago account, you have the option to create a collection tool allowing you to receive payments in your physical stores using QR codes. You do not need coding skills.

We will guide you so that you can set the:

  • Price, description and photo of what you sell.
  • Payment methods accepted: credit or debit cards.
  • Date in which payments are allowed.
  • Reference code to identify the sale on your backend.

This alternative is recommended in case you only sell one product at a time (it does not support cart mode), and the sale price is fixed.

This static QR code can be displayed next to the product or service to be sold. This allows your customers to self-manage their purchases by providing them with information about the product, scanning the code from their Wallet and making the payment without the need for intervention or advice.

QR code without associated amount

An alternative to receive in-store payments without the need for coding is by generating a QR code linked to your Mercado Pago account.

In this way, by scanning the code, the customer will be asked to manually enter the amount to be paid.

This transfer of cash is not associated to a sales order. It only allows customers to enter an optional description of what they are paying.

Check your payments

You can check your sales transactions in the list of activities of your Mercado Pago account, or integrate the notifications in your management system.

If you want to build something more advanced and personalized, check our integrated QR documentation.

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