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Ensure the validity of notifications sent by Mercado Pago

We are pleased to announce a significant update to your integration journey! The new version of the x-signature functionality is now available, aimed at making the validation process of notifications sent by Mercado Pago more accessible and efficient.

What has changed?

The x-signature field, found in the header of notifications, used to contain a more detailed hash with a significant amount of information about the notification sent.

Although more comprehensive, this hash structure made it more complex to understand and validate the keys sent by Mercado Pago. As a result, integrators faced a greater challenge in decoding the received hash and ensuring their operations.

The enhanced solution

Now, the hash presented in the field has been simplified and contains only the essential data for identifying the notification, making its subsequent validation easier.

With this improvement, we aim to provide a smoother and more efficient integration experience for all Mercado Pago developers, making the process more transparent and intuitive.

To learn more details on how to use the field in your integrations and ensure the validation of notifications sent by Mercado Pago, please refer to our updated documentation.