BASE URI https://api.mercadopago.com/v1/advanced_payments

HTTP Request


 curl -X POST \
  'https://api.mercadopago.com/advanced_payments' \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer MKT_ACCESS_TOKEN' 

Request Params

payer Object payer identifier.
id String Identification of the associated payer.
email String Payer’s email address.
type String Type of identification of the associated payer (required if the payer is a customer).
customer The payer is a client and belongs to the collector.
registered The account corresponds to a registered user of Mercado Pago.
identification Object Personal identification.
type String Identification type.
number String Identification number.
address Object Address.
zip_code String Zip Code.
street_name String Street name.
street_number Integer Number.
phone Object Phone number of the associated payer.
area_code String Area Code.
number String Phone number.
extension String Phone number extension.
first_name String Name of the associated payer.
last_name String Last name od the associated payer.
payments Array(Object) List of payments made by the buyer.
id Number Payment identification.
status String Payment status.
status_detail String Payment status details.
payment_type_id String Selected payment method type.
payment_method_id String Payment method selected to make the payment.
token String Token card identifier.
transaction_amount Float Product cost.
installments Integer Number of installments selected.
processing_mode String Method of processing the payments (aggregator by default).
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issuer_id String Identifier of the issuer of the payment method.
description String Reason for payment.
capture Boolean Determines whether the payment should be captured (true, default value) or only reserved (false).
external_reference String Identifier provided by the seller in their system.
statement_descriptor String How the payment will appear in the card statement.
date_of_expiration String Expiration date for the case of payment method "ticket".
transaction_details Object Group the transaction details.
external_resource_url String Identify the resource in the payment processor.
disbursements Array(Object) List of payments that correspond to each Seller.
id Number Payment identifier.
amount Float Payment amount.
external_reference String Identifier provided by the seller in their system.
collector_id Integer Seller identifier.
application_fee Float Commission collected by the Marketplace.
money_release_days Float Number of days (from the date of approval of the payment) in which the payment will be released to the Seller.
binary_mode Boolean When the payment is activated, it can only be approved or rejected. Otherwise, the payment may be pending.
metadata Object Valid JSON that can be added to the payment to save additional attributes.
application_id Object Marketplace ID.
additional_info Object Information that can improve the fraud prevention analysis and the conversion rate. Try sending us as much information as possible.
ip_address String IP from which the request comes (only for bank transfer)
items Array(Object) List of items to pay.
id String Item code.
title String Item name.
description String Item description.
picture_url String Image URL.
category_id String Item category.
quantity Integer Number of items.
unit_price Float Unit price.
payer Object Buyer’s information.
first_name String Buyer’s name.
last_name String Buyer’s last name.
phone Object Buyer’s phone number.
area_code String Area Code.
number String Phone number.
registration_date Date Date of registration of the buyer on your website.
shipments Object Shipping information.
receiver_address Object Buyer’s address.
zip_code String Zip Code.
street_name String Street name.
street_number Integer Number.
floor String Floor
apartment String Unit.

Error Codes

400004 Invalid application.
400005 The application is required.
400006 Invalid date of release for the Disbursement.
400007 Invalid date of release for the Disbursement.
400013 Invalid email address.
400014 Invalid number of payments.
400015 Payer ID is required for payments with money in the account.
400016 Invalid payment type.
400017 The transaction amount is required.
400018 Invalid amount.
400019 The payment method is required.
400020 The payment type is required.
400021 The amount format is invalid.
400022 Invalid processing method.
400023 The payer type is required.
400024 The payer’s name is required.
400025 The payer’s last name is required.
400026 The payer’s identification type is required.
400027 The payer’s identification number is required.
400028 The expiration date is required.
400029 The payment token is required.
400030 The installments are required.
400031 The amount of disbursements is required.
400032 The collector ID is required.
400033 Invalid Marketplace commission.
400034 Invalid disbursement amount.
400035 The field money_release_date is invalid.
400036 The Marketplace does not have permissions on the payer.
400037 The collector was not found.
400039 Invalid request.
400040 Invalid status.
400041 Invalid start date.
400042 Invalid end date.
400043 Invalid email address.
400044 Invalid payer ID.
400045 Invalid collector ID.
400046 The field external_reference is invalid.
400047 Some parameters of the search are invalid.
400048 Invalid ID.
400049 Invalid last modification date.
400051 The field money_release_date is required.
400052 The processing_mode is required.
400053 Invalid content.
400054 The Marketplace does not have permissions on the collector.
400055 The field external_reference is required.
400056 The field money_release_days is invalid.
400057 The fields collector_id and external_reference are duplicated.
400058 Invalid idempodency key.
401000 Invalid access token.
401002 Invalid access token.
401003 Invalid device token.
404001 The Disbursement was not found.
404002 The Advanced Payment was not found.
404003 The Payer was not found.
406001 Error in the payments API.

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