BASE URI https://api.mercadopago.com/checkout/preferences/search

HTTP Request


 curl -X GET \
 'https://api.mercadopago.com/checkout/preferences?sponsor_id=&external_reference=&site_id=&marketplace=&date_created_from=&date_created_to=&last_updated_from=&last_updated_to=&limit=&offset=&order_status=' \
 -H 'Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN_ENV' \

Request Params

items Array(Object) Items information.
id String(256) Item ID.
title String(256) Item title. It will be displayed in the payment process.
description String(256) Item description.
picture_url String(600) Item image URL.
category_id String(256) Item category ID.
quantity Integer Item quantity.
currency_id String(3) Currency ID. ISO_4217 code.
unit_price Float Unit price.
date_created Date(ISO_8601) Preference's creation date.
operation_type String Operation data_type.
regular_payment Normal payment.
money_transfer Money request.
external_reference String(256) Reference you can synchronize with your payment system.
expires Boolean Boolean value that determines if a preference expire.
date_of_expiration Date(ISO_8601) Expiration date of cash payment.
expiration_date_from Date(ISO_8601) Date since the preference will be active.
expiration_date_to Date(ISO_8601) Date when the preference will be expired.
collector_id Integer Your Mercado Pago seller ID.
client_id String Application owner ID that use Mercado Libre API.
marketplace String(256) Origin of the payment. Default value: NONE

HTTP Response


  "elements": [
      "id": "202809963-a2201f8d-11cb-443f-adf6-de5a42eed67d",
      "client_id": "6295877106812064",
      "collector_id": 202809963,
      "concept_id": null,
      "corporation_id": null,
      "date_created": "2018-02-02T15:18:51.150-04:00",
      "expiration_date_from": null,
      "expiration_date_to": null,
      "expires": false,
      "external_reference": "",
      "integrator_id": null,
      "items": [
          "Test Item"
      "last_updated": null,
      "live_mode": true,
      "marketplace": "NONE",
      "operation_type": "regular_payment",
      "payer_email": "",
      "platform_id": "",
      "processing_modes": null,
      "product_id": "",
      "purpose": "",
      "site_id": "MLA",
      "sponsor_id": 0
  "next_offset": 1,
  "total": 1

Error Codes

ds_search_query invalid query.
invalid_token invalid_token.
invalid_caller_id invalid caller_id

Your search returns no results.

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