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Online payments

Solutions for those who sell via website, WhatsApp or social networks. Integrate directly or use different plugins and platforms.

Checkout Pro

Process payments in Mercado Pago in a simple and secure way with a ready-to-use design. We have developed this optimized checkout to increase your conversion.

Checkout API

A versatile solution so that you build your payment processor on your website. You control the entire experience, from basic to advanced settings.

Checkout Bricks

A modular, secure and customizable payment solution, where you control the entire experience and choose which brick and layout to use based on your site's needs.

Payment link

Create a payment link in just a few steps and use it to collect payments via chat and social networks. No technical knowledge is required.


Automates recurrent payment collections with a subscription. You can set up the payment frequency and the amount to be charged.

Wallet Connect

Process payments automatically through the Mercado Pago digital wallet. With Wallet Connect it is possible to make payments using the balance available in the Mercado Pago account or cards.

E-commerce platforms

Install Checkout Pro or Transparent Checkout on your website.


Test and discover Mercado Pago's products in real time.
Frequently Asked Questions
I am not a developer. Can I install Mercado Pago Checkout?
Yes! It is not necessary to have technical knowledge in programming to install Mercado Pago payment solutions. You simply have to install our Checkouts through the e-commerce platforms of your choice.
What is the difference between Checkout Pro and Transparent Checkout?
The difference between the 2 solutions is in the payment experience you offer. With Checkout Pro, the entire front-end is already standardized with a complete experience designed by Mercado Pago, ready to be used as soon as you integrate it. On the other hand, Transparent Checkout offers a unique and customized payment experience since it allows advanced front-end customization according to the store's identity. Both Checkouts can be installed through our SDKs and e-commerce platforms, and allow customization of the payment methods made available through APIs REST and SDKs Java, PHP, Node JS, Python, .NET and Ruby.
Where can I find my credentials?
Credentials are unique passwords used to identify the integrations of your Mercado Pago account and can be found in your Dashboard, in the section Your applications.
How do international payments work on Mercado Pago?
It's possible to accept payments with international debit and credit cards with Mercado Pago. The shopper always pays the product's price on the sellers currency, and the conversion is done by the financial institution responsible for issuing the payment. The seller always receives the financial transaction in their local currency, or in other words, in the currency registered on their Mercado Pago account.