Prerequisites - Tiendanube - Mercado Pago Developers


In order to integrate Mercado Pago with Tiendanube, you must meet the requirements below.

Mercado Pago or Mercado Libre seller accountTo integrate with Tiendanube you need a seller account on Mercado Pago or Mercado Libre.If not, click here to create.
Mercado Pago pluginAlways keep the module up to date with the latest version to ensure data security and integration operation.For more information on how to install the plugin, access the Integration configuration section.
TiendanubeIs an ecommerce platform that allows you to receive payments with Mercado Pago. Click here for more information.Required 1.7.x or higher.

If all prerequisites are met, you can use the Mercado Pago plugin on the Tiendanube platform.