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Notifications are messages sent by the Mercado Pago server from events carried out in your application. You can configure your integration to send notifications when the following events happen:

  • Creation and updating of payments;
  • Creation of orders;
  • Update of the order;
  • Linking to a subscription plan;
  • Subscription link;
  • Linking and unlinking mp-connect accounts;
  • Invoice binding (invoice);
  • Creation of countercharges;
  • Finalization and cancellation of paid intent;
  • Error while processing payment intent.
  • Fraud allerts

There are two types of notifications available for configuration which ,once configured, allow you to program your store's backend to, for example, update the status of orders when a payment is created, send an order confirmation email from store when an order is updated on Mercado Pago, update a customer's record when a subscription plan is linked, or any other actions arising from the events listed above.

WebhooksIt uses HTTP REST and instantly notifies updates. To learn how to configure webhook notifications click here.
IPNThe notification may take a few moments to send. To learn how to configure IPN notifications click here.