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Payment methods

How to receive payments in different currencies

Currently, Mercado Pago only allows payments in the local currency. That is, the account created in Colombia only accepts payments in Colombian pesos (COP) and from clients that have an account in the same country.

Payment methods do not appear in my checkout

Mercado Pago has an amount validation when offering the available payment methods.

If the amount does not comply with the requirements for minimum and maximum amounts for the payment method, our checkout will request the log in into the Mercado Pago account, since the only option available to use will be the money available in the account. For this reason, your clients won’t be able to pay as guests.

Because of this, according to the amount selected, you can only see some payment methods, the ones which are not shown do not comply with the necessary requirements. In other words, the available payment methods will be shown based on the value of the product and the minimum and maximum allowed.

Improve the approval process of your payments

      Verify your integration

Check the information for the integration you are implementing and test all the necessary steps. Don’t forget to create both test users, seller and buyer, to avoid rejected payments, since you can not pay and buy from the same account.

      Validate your account

Verify if the id of the seller’s account is validated in the Mercado Pago panel. Go to My account > My details > Verify identity.

      Add our security code into your website

It is important to add to your integration all the necessary information to improve the approval process of your payments.

      A payment has been rejected

If you are having trouble with a payment, you can contact us through Help > Collections > I have a problem with a collection > Solve a problem with a collection.

If you still need help, please contact us through Help .