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The use of the backend SDKs is optional. With them, you can obtain server-side functionalities of our online payment solutions, such as creating and checking the status of various payments, integrating card payments or other payment methods, and making returns and chargebacks.
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Descargas y documentación
SDKVersões compatíveisDownloadDocumentação
PHP 2.4.9PHP 5.6, 7.1 or superiorPackagistGitHub
Java 2.1.2Java 1.8 or superiorMavenGitHub
NodeJS 1.5.14Node.js 10 or superiorNPMGitHub
Ruby 2.1.0Ruby 2.3+GemGitHub
.NET 2.1.0.NET Standard 2.0+ .NET Core 2.0+ .NET Framework 4.6.1+NuGetGitHub
Python 2.1.0Python 3+pypiGitHub
Check the back sessions for code snippets and features present in the backend SDKs.