BASE URI https://api.mercadopago.com/mpmobile/instore/qr/{user_id}/{external_id}

HTTP Request


 curl -X POST \
  'https://api.mercadopago.com/mpmobile/instore/qr/USER_ID/EXTERNAL_ID' \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer PROD_ACCESS_TOKEN' \
  -d '{
    "external_reference": "Factura-0001",
    "notification_url": "www.yourserver.com",
    "sponsor_id": 446566691,
    "items" :[{
    		"id" : "78123172",
  		    "title" : "Shampoo",
    		"currency_id" : "[FAKER][CURRENCY][ACRONYM]",
    		"unit_price" : 120.00,
    		"quantity" : 1,
            "description": "Almendras",
            "picture_url": "https://bit.ly/2nxdWHa"

Request Params

user_id String User identifier. (Required)
external_id String Unique identifier of the Point of Sale defined by integrator system. (Required)
external_reference String(256) Reference you can synchronize with your sale system. (Required)
notification_url String(500) URL where you'd like to receive a payment or merchant_order notification.
sponsor_id String Mercado Pago's USER_ID of the integrator system.
items Object Information on the products involved in the order. (Required)
id String Item id.
title String Item title. (Required)
currency_id String(3) Currency identifier in ISO_4217 format. (Required)
unit_price Float Unit price of the item (maximum 2 decimals). (Required)
quantity Integer Item quantity. (Required)
description String Item description. (Required)
picture_url String Item image URL.

HTTP Response


  "id": "360472057-3d2cadbf-2c54-485c-bcb9-f262adc14af6",
  "items": [
            "title" : "Shampoo",
            "id" : "78123172",
            "currency_id": "[FAKER][CURRENCY][ACRONYM]",
            "unit_price" : 120.00,
            "quantity" : 1,
            "description": "Almendras",
            "picture_url": "https://bit.ly/2nxdWHa"
  "collector_id": 360472057,
  "collector": {},
  "total_amount": 120,
  "amount": 120,
  "external_reference": "Factura-0001",
  "operation_type": "regular_payment",
  "payment_methods": {
      "excluded_payment_methods": [
              "id": ""
      "excluded_payment_types": [
              "id": "ticket"
              "id": "atm"
  "marketplace": "NONE",
  "marketplace_fee": 0,
  "sponsor_id": 446566691,
  "notification_url": "http://www.yourserver.com",
  "back_urls": {
      "success": "",
      "pending": "",
      "failure": ""
  "payer": {
      "id": 0,
      "email": "",
      "identification": {
          "number": "",
          "type": ""
      "address": {
          "primary": false,
          "zip": ""
      "phone": {
          "area_code": "",
          "number": ""
      "internal_tags": []
  "expires": false,
  "additional_info": "",
  "site_id": "[FAKER][GLOBALIZE][SITE_ID]",
  "client_id": 360472057,
  "processing_modes": [
  "internal_metadata": {}

Error Codes

invalid_collector_id collector_id must be a number.
invalid_collector_id collector_id invalid.
invalid_sponsor_id sponsor_id not found.
invalid_sponsor_id sponsor_id must be a number
invalid_sponsor_id sponsor_id should be different than collector_id.
invalid_sponsor_id sponsor_id site must be the same as collector_id.
invalid_sponsor_id sponsor_id didn't accept MercadoPago's Terms and Conditions.
invalid_sponsor_id sponsor_id is not an active user.
invalid_items The amount cannot be paid with Mercado Pago.
invalid_items Items needed.
invalid_items Invalid items, format error.
invalid_items currency_id needed.
invalid_items currency_id invalid.
invalid_items Quantity is needed.
invalid_items quantity must be a number.
invalid_items Unit_price is needed.
invalid_items unit_price must be a number.
invalid_items unit_price invalid.
invalid_access_token Access denied.

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