BASE URI https://api.mercadopago.com/checkout/preferences/{id}

HTTP Request


 curl -X PUT \
  'https://api.mercadopago.com/checkout/preferences/:id' \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN_ENV' 

Request Params

items Array(Object) Items information.
id String(256) Item ID.
title String(256) Item title. It will be displayed in the payment process.
description String(256) Item description.
picture_url String(600) Item image URL.
category_id String(256) Item category ID.
quantity Integer Item quantity.
currency_id String(3) Currency ID. ISO_4217 code.
unit_price Float Unit price.
payer Object Buyer Information.
name String(256) Buyer name.
surname String(256) Buyer last name.
email String(256) Buyer e-mail address.
phone Object Buyer phone.
area_code String(256) Area code.
number String(256) Number.
identification Object Personal identification.
type String(256) Identification Type.
number String(256) Number.
address Object Buyer address.
zip_code String(256) Zip code.
street_name String(256) Street name.
street_number Integer Street number.
date_created Date(ISO_8601) Registration date.
payment_methods Object Set up payment methods to be excluded from the payment process.
excluded_payment_methods Array(Object) Payment methods not allowed in payment process (except account_money).
id String(256) Payment method ID.
excluded_payment_types Array(Object) Payment types not allowed in payment process.
id String(256) Payment method data_type ID.
default_payment_method_id String(256) Payment method to be preferred on the payments methods list.
installments Integer Maximum number of credit card installments to be accepted.
default_installments Integer Prefered number of credit card installments.
shipments Object Shipments information.
mode String Shipment mode.
custom Custom shipping.
me2 Mercado Envíos.
not_specified Shipping mode not specified.
local_pickup Boolean The payer have the option to pick up the shipment in your store (mode:me2 only).
dimensions String Dimensions of the shipment in cm x cm x cm, gr (mode:me2 only)
default_shipping_method Integer Select default shipping method in checkout (mode:me2 only).
free_methods Array(Object) Offer a shipping method as free shipping (mode:me2 only).
id Integer Shipping method ID.
cost Float Shipment cost (mode:custom only).
free_shipping Boolean Free shipping for mode:custom.
receiver_address Object Shipping address.
zip_code String(256) Zip code.
street_name String(256) Street name.
city_name String(256) City name.
state_name String(256) State name.
street_number Integer Street number.
floor String(256) Floor.
apartment String(256) Apartment.
back_urls Object URLs to return to the sellers website.
success String(600) Approved payment URL.
pending String(600)
failure String(600) Canceled payment URL.
notification_url String(500) URL where you'd like to receive a payment notification.
additional_info String(600) Additional information.
auto_return String If specified, your buyers will be redirected back to your site immediately after completing the purchase.
approved The redirection takes place only for approved payments.
all The redirection takes place only for approved payments, forward compatibility only if we change the default behavior
external_reference String(256) Reference you can synchronize with your payment system.
expires Boolean Boolean value that determines if a preference expire.
date_of_expiration Date(ISO_8601) Expiration date of cash payment.
expiration_date_from Date(ISO_8601) Date since the preference will be active.
expiration_date_to Date(ISO_8601) Date when the preference will be expired.
marketplace String(256) Origin of the payment. Default value: NONE
marketplace_fee Float Marketplace's fee charged by application owner. Default value: 0 in local currency
differential_pricing Object Differential pricing configuration for this preference.
id Integer Differential pricing ID.

Error Codes

400 bad_request
invalid_collector_id collector_id must be a number.
invalid_collector_id collector_id invalid.
invalid_sponsor_id sponsor_id not found.
invalid_sponsor_id invalid type () for field sponsor_id
invalid_sponsor_id sponsor_id should be different than collector_id.
invalid_sponsor_id sponsor_id site must be the same as collector_id.
invalid_sponsor_id sponsor_id didn't accept MercadoPago's Terms and Conditions.
invalid_sponsor_id sponsor_id is not an active user.
invalid_collector_email collector is not collector_email(secure) owner
invalid_collector_email collector is not collector_email owner
invalid_operation_type operation_type invalid.
invalid_expiration_date_to expiration_date_to invalid.
invalid_date invalid date of expiration.
invalid_expiration_date_from expiration_date_from invalid.
invalid_items amount cannot be paid with Mercado Pago.
invalid_items items needed.
invalid_items items must be a array
invalid_items currency_id needed.
invalid_items currency_id invalid.
invalid_items quantity needed.
invalid_items items..quantity must be a integer.
invalid_items unit_price needed.
invalid_items unit_price must be a number.
invalid_items unit_price invalid.
invalid_back_urls back_urls invalid. Wrong format
invalid_payment_methods payment_methods invalid. Wrong format
invalid_payment_methods amount cannot be paid with MercadoPago.
invalid_payment_methods excluded_payment_methods invalid. Wrong format.
invalid_payment_methods id needed.
invalid_payment_methods account_money cannot be excluded.
invalid_payment_methods cannot exclude all payments methods.
invalid_payment_methods excluded_payment_types invalid. Wrong format.
invalid_payment_methods cannot exclude all payments types.
invalid_payment_methods client_id invalid.
invalid_payment_methods client_id must be a number.
invalid_payment_methods installments invalid. Should be a number between 1 and 36.
invalid_marketplace_fee invalid type () for field marketplace_fee.
invalid_marketplace_fee marketplace_fee must not be greater than total amount.
invalid_id preference_id not found.
invalid_access_token access denied
invalid_shipments invalid shipment mode
invalid_shipments collector doesn't have me2 active.
invalid_shipments invalid free_methods
invalid_shipments invalid shipments.default_shipping_method
invalid_shipments shipments.cost invalid
invalid_shipments Invalid dimensions format
invalid_shipments Invalid dimension values
invalid_shipments invalid dimension configuration for me2.
invalid_shipments Invalid total amount, with me2 it cannot be lesser than .
invalid_shipments invalid type () for field shipments.local_pickup.
invalid_shipments invalid type () for field shipments.dimensions.
invalid_shipments invalid type () for field shipments.free_shipping.
invalid_shipments invalid type () for field shipments.default_shipping_method.
invalid_shipments invalid type () for field shipments.cost.

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