BASE URI https://api.mercadopago.com/instore/qr/seller/collectors/{user_id}/stores/{external_store_id}/pos/{external_pos_id}/orders

HTTP Request


 curl -X PUT \
'https://api.mercadopago.com/instore/qr/seller/collectors/USER_ID/stores/EXTERNAL_STORE_ID/pos/EXTERNAL_POS_ID/orders' \
 -H 'Authorization: Bearer PROD_ACCESS_TOKEN' \
 -d '{
    "external_reference": "order-id-1234",
    "title": "Compra",
    "description": "Compra en Mercado Pago",
    "notification_url": "www.yourserver.com",
    "expiration_date": "2023-08-22T16:34:56.559-04:00",
    "total_amount": 100.0,
    "items": [
            "sku_number": "KS955RUR",
            "category": "COMIDA",
            "title": "Pasta",
            "description": "Compra en Mercado Pago",
            "unit_price": 20,
            "quantity": 5,
            "unit_measure": "unit",
            "total_amount": 100
    "sponsor": {
        "id": 446566691

Request Params

user_id String User identifier. (Required)
external_store_id String External_id of the store defined by integrator system. (Required)
external_pos_id String External_id of the point of sale defined by integrator system. (Required)
external_reference String(256) Reference you can synchronize with your sale system. (Required)
title String(256) Purchase title. (Required)
description String(256) Purchase description.
notification_url String(500) URL where you'd like to receive a payment or merchant_order notification.
expiration_date String(500) Expiration date with format "2020-08-22T16:34:56.559-04:00"
total_amount Double Total amount of the transaction in local currency. (Required)
items Array(Object) Information on the products involved in the order.
sku_number String Item code.
category String Item category.
title String Item title. (Required)
description String Item description.
unit_price Double Unit price of the item (maximum 2 decimals). (Required)
quantity Integer Number of item units. (Required)
unit_measure String Unit of measure of the item. (Required)
total_amount String Item image URL. (Required)
sponsor Object Integrator information.
id Long Mercado Pago's USER_ID of the integrator system.
cash_out Object Cash withdrawal.
amount Double Amount to withdraw in local currency.

Error Codes

invalid_collectorId user_id must be a number.
invalid_externalPosId externalPosId must be present.
invalid_external_reference external_reference must be string
invalid_total_amount total_amount must be number.
invalid_items.sku_number items.sku_number must be string.
invalid_items.category items.category must be string.
invalid_items.title items.title must be string.
invalid_items.description items.description must be string.
invalid_items.unit_measure items.unit_measure must be string.
invalid_items.quantity items.quantity must be number.
invalid_items.currency_id items.currency_id must be string.
invalid_items.unit_price items.unit_price must be number.
invalid_items.total_amount items.total_amount must be number.
invalid_title title must be present.
invalid_unit_measure unit_measure must be present.
invalid_quantity quantity must be present.
invalid_unit_price unit_price must be present.
invalid_total_amount total_amount must be present.
invalid_title title must be string.
invalid_description description must be string.
invalid_sponsor.id sponsor.id must be number.
invalid_id sponsor.id must be present.
invalid_cash_out.amount cash_out.amount must be number.
invalid_amount cash_out.amount must be present.
invalid_external_reference external_reference must be present.
invalid_description description must be present.
error_creating_seller_qr_order The cash out is required when order has no items.
invalid_expiration_date Expiration date must be a valid and future date.
in_store_order_creation_error Failed to create order.

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